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Hotels warm to D-Line

When 20,000 hotel rooms needed to hide cabling for new heating controllers, Mini D-Line proved the perfect choice.

Using D-Line enabled dramatic budget savings to be made compared to the cost of channeling the walls then re-plastering and re-decorating.  Aside the noise and disruption, the traditional way would have put rooms out-of-service. On the other hand traditional trunking did not look suitable for a hotel chain with a reputation for comfort and style.


Cables fed from wall mounted heaters to wall mounted controllers were concealed in Mini D-Line which blended with skirting and when necessary up-and-around bedheads.

A cut-length rose up to the heater via a clip-over accessory, while clip-over corner accessories made internal corner connections quick and easy.  Other more exposed joins used smooth-fit accessories, as the secure internal tabs were favoured to eliminate future maintenance concerns, given that this part was most likely to be bumped by guests’ baggage.

The ½ circle shape on the length rising up to the wall-mounted controller was again preferred for its impact resistance, the lack of a sharp edge a distinct benefit (compared to traditional sharp edged trunking).

The D-Line Cutting Tool was used throughout, being quick, easy and leaving no dust.

The self-adhesive tape was used to attach the 3m lengths to the walls, with a screw-fixing and plug then inserted 30cm from each end. 

The result was 20,000 installations using 125 miles of D-Line Mini Trunking, all easy to fit, quick to install, that blended with decor to look great. Completed on time, with dramatic budget savings and no room downtime, D-Line again proved to be the ideal choice where time and appearance matters!

Having bought one D-Line unit, we now have four dotted around the house - and the office too" L.K.

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