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D-Line Products

D-Line provide effective cable management solutions for a range of cables, cords and wires.

A recent survey revealed the average family home has almost 170m of exposed wires, and we complain they’re unsightly and messy, difficult to sort, a safety hazard, create dust traps, and awkward to clean around.  D-Line provides world-class solutions to these problems - that are sold around the globe!

Choose ½ circle Decorative Trunking lengths to hide cable drops, and above skirting tops.  Micro and Mini sizes make cable-ducts which can blend above skirting.  D-Line ¼-round is the ultimate floor trim.

Cable Tidy Units – the stylish and easy way to eliminate cable clutter.  Cable Tidy Units are ideal to tidy socket extension blocks and wires behind TV’s or under desks... wherever there is cable clutter!

Cable Tidy Tube enables wires dropping from a computer desk or behind a TV to be tidy and easy to clean.  The Tube is produced from ultra flexible material and is pre-split for easy use.

Floor Cable Cover can hide cables across open areas, and so remove a common trip hazard.

Cable Tidy Accessories tie / fasten / secure or tidy cables and wires around the home and office.

If you have suffered cable or plug confusion querying what’s what, check our Cable and Plug ID Kit. Never again disconnect or switch off the wrong appliance, and if relocating equipment, make it easy to reconnect wires.

Whatever your cable management needs you can find the perfect solution with D-Line.

Having bought one D-Line unit, we now have four dotted around the house - and the office too" L.K.

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