Decorative Trunking

D-Line offer unique and innovative solutions to cover cables and wires


Why D-Line Trunking?

The great features of D-Line products add such value that once used you will never choose anything else! We list 10 below...

Innovation - We often joke that from 8am-6pm we think of nothing but cable management needs! It is true we are totally focused on providing the best products and service available.

Aesthetic Shapes - Save channelling walls and lifting floors! D-Line 1/4 Round can blend perfectly around floor edges; D-Line 1/2 Round can perfectly hide cable drops and wires along skirting tops.

Designer Style - To hide unsightly cables; reclaim space; make surfaces easier to clean; eliminate dust traps; keep cables child and pet safe; minimise trip hazards; access cables when needed.

1/2 Round Options - This range of sizes satisfies popular demands, while allowing you to select the preferred size according to present and future capacity required.

1/4 Round Options - Ideal for hiding cables around floors, or for corner drops.

Patented Hinge and Click-Lock Lid - User friendly single-piece design - the flexible hinge effectively bonds the lid and base together and provides a tensioned cable retainer to aid installation. This means D-Line lengths are easy to use, even at the smallest profile. The lids will never peel or detach; all features combining to make D-Line more user friendly than competitive products.

Self Adhesive Backing - All lengths have a simple peel & stick backing for quick and easy installation. Can also be drilled if necessary.

Film Covered Protection - Easy to remove, this environmentally friendly packaging keeps lengths pristine prior to installation.

High Quality PVC -  Can be painted to match decor. Easy to cut. Self-extinguishing and safety tested to exacting standards. UV stabilised, so won't fade or change colour in the sun.

Unique Accessories - A range of smooth-fit and clip-over accessories provide the perfect finish to your installation. No need to mitre cut corners - Easy to install, looks great!