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Micro Trunking

D-Line offer decorative trunking (D-shaped!) that blend with decor so cables disappear. Our cable trunking is easy to fit, and looks great on any surface.


D-Line Micro Trunking, the smallest option in our Decorative Trunking family, is ideal to discreetly hide speaker, telephone and alarm cables and wires. The 1/2 circle, low profile design creates a sleek appearance which can disappear above skirting, and makes a subtle cable cover running up to hide wall-mounted speaker wires for example.

The patented hinged and click-lock lid provides a key benefit to installers... The hinge is specially tensioned for easy opening and closing, designed to be user friendly by making it simple to insert the cables - which will not fall out during installation! Combined with our peel & stick self adhesive backing, D-Line Micro Trunking is easy to fit and looks great!  

A range of smooth-fit accessories can join lengths or fit around corners, the flush appearance providing the perfect finish. It is paintable to match your decor. The video demonstrating smooth-fit accessories with our Mini Trunking shows how easy it is to install. 


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Having bought one D-Line unit, we now have four dotted around the house - and the office too" L.K.

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