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Mini Trunking

D-Line decorative trunking (D-shaped!) blends with decor so cables and wires disappear. Our cable covers are easy to fit, and look great on any surface.


D-Line Mini Trunking is ideal to discreetly hide popular cables and wires. It is designed to subtly cover cable drops or hide wires above skirting, where it's neat size and unique shape enables the Mini D-Line to appear as a natural top section of the skirting. It is paintable to perfectly match your decor. The unique and patented hinged & click-lock lid allows you to add or remove cables as needed.

It is incredibly easy to install - though D-Line profiles can be drilled and screw fitted, all lengths have self-adhesive backing for an easy peel & stick option. The specially tensioned hinge provides the benefit of being a cable retainer, which effectively keeps cables where you want them. Then simply click-shut the lid. Choose clip-over or smooth-fit accessories to enable the perfect finish to your installation.


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Having bought one D-Line unit, we now have four dotted around the house - and the office too" L.K.

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