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TV Cable Management

For TV cables & wires


D-Line TV Cable Drops allow users to conceal TV cables & wires in stylish 1/2 round designs that save the time and trouble of burying cables in walls, then having to repair surfaces. Plus there's the on-going benefit of the hinged and click-lock lid making it easy to add or remove cables later!

Ideal also for home theatre cable management, our discreet decorative trunkings are designed to blend perfectly with your decor...

D-Line 50mm x 25mm (width x height) profile is ideal for TV cable drops, accepting scart, hdmi, antenna and power leads between a table and TV. This profile is universally popular as it neatly complements both small and wider screens with capacity for up to 6 popular TV cables.

D-Line Mini 30mm x 15mm (width x height) is perfect for hiding cables & wires from TV's with no more than 3 cables. Also note this profile can blend to look as the natural top section of skirting - an ideal choice for satellite and aerial cables.

D-Line Micro 16mm x 8mm (width x height) is ideal to hide cables to wall mounted surround sound speakers. The discreet Micro profile makes cables disappear above skirting and compared to square, sharp-cornered trunking, D-Line's ergonomic designs are smoother to the eye and most neatly cover vertical cable drops.

The TV cable & wire management product selection should be made according to present and future cable requirements.


“I have always wanted a wall mounted TV with a Surround Sound system, but not knowing what to do with the wires kept putting me off. Having been recommended to use D-Line, now all is in place and looking great!”

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Having bought one D-Line unit, we now have four dotted around the house - and the office too" L.K.

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