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Linkable Floor Cable Cover

Eliminate trip hazards


Floor Cable Cover does as its name suggests – covers cables across floors, providing protection while eliminating a common trip hazard. The lengths are durable, abrasion resistant and will not discolour in sunlight.  All products are supplied coiled, and simply uncoil to lay flat. D-Line Medium Duty Cable Covers can be joined together to make longer runs when necessary, by using our unique push in - pull apart connectors.

Medium Duty Floor Cable Cover – Linkable

Medium Duty Floor Cable Covers provide the perfect way to cover cables trailing across floors in areas with regular foot traffic.   

The 68mm width version has a cavity 14mm x 10mm which can accommodate 2 x 8mm popular flex type cables.


The wider 83mm width has a cavity 30mm x 10mm to contain up to 3 x 8mm outer diameter flex- type cables.

There is also a 2 compartment cable cover - ideal for keeping AV and power cables separated.

All Medium Duty types have a (patent-pending) feature of being linkable, making them uniquely versatile.  Each length is supplied with 2 ribbed connector pins.  Simply push these connector pins into pin holes to join 2 or more lengths, to make the run as long as required! Pull apart to release if necessary.

The ribbed back makes the lengths non-slip, so saving the need for adhesive tape, while the pre-split makes installation quick and easy. 

"Before, we had floor covers in several different lengths but they were always too long or too short. Now with D-Line’s linkable profiles we can satisfy every need. Last week we joined 4 together to cover temporary power supply cables along the factory floor. After we took them apart, and now they are in 2 runs of 12’, concealing cables to portable heaters being used in the offices. A great product!"

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Having bought one D-Line unit, we now have four dotted around the house - and the office too" L.K.

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